Life is Strange: Before the Storm (Episode 2- Brave New World)

Chloe Price’s world becomes a whole lot bigger as we delve into Episode 2- Brave New World.

The events of last night, and Chloe and Rachel’s absence from school, are now coming back to bite them. As a fire surrounds the town and SMS fire alerts flood Chloe’s phone, Rachel and Chloe must own up to their choices.

Called to a meeting in the principal’s office it is clear that Chloe’s allegiances are pulling her both ways at once- protect Rachel and get expelled, or do what is right by her mother and sell out her newest friend.

Whatever the choice, it is obvious that life is taking a turn for the worse for Chloe. With her mother’s boyfriend on her back and announcing his intention to move in, Chloe feels cornered and decides that there is no place for her if he is there. But if Chloe can’t go home, where will she go?

Grief for her father still surrounds Chloe and it is only her memories and conversations with him that still her. She feels betrayed by her mother that she could move on with someone else so soon and leave her behind. No less someone who feels so superior to her own father.

Rachel has her own battles to fight and the world she knew is crashing down around her. Rachel’s parents are thought to be upstanding citizens who have seen that their daughter may not be as perfect as they once thought, and Rachel is realizing just how fake her parents are in return. It seems it is only her friendship with Chloe and her acting that give Rachel respite. What else is left for Rachel in this town?

As Chloe and Rachel try to process their own grief and frustration a new plan is set in motion- to leave town for good. All they need is a car and a bit of money, right?

It’s at this point in the story that the conflicts and complexities take hold and both girls are pulled along in its wake as they try to find their way out of Arcadia Bay.

Chloe gains a deeper understanding of people she once held as enemies and bullies and begins to see that life isn’t always as simple as we think, and there is always more than one side to a person. And Rachel discovers she is stronger than she thinks and her life is something she can control.

However you play this chapter, the choices you make here will last and may be the catalyst between life and death for those around you. So play wisely…



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