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We need your help to get things back on track again. I'll try to keep this as brief as possible, while still explaining what happened to our YouTube Channel.

About a week ago, we made the decision to part ways with out YouTube partner considering our 12 month contract was over (we were with them for 2 years) and they were taking a large portion of our revenue for seemingly very little in return. 

Once the disconnection process was started a month ago, it finally took effect on the 13th of December 2017. Unfortunately for us, there is an unforeseen issue laying beneath the inner workings of YouTube, which results in a "500 Internal Server Error" once you have disbanded from a network, and attempt to re-monetize your YouTube account. So essentially, when we try to re-activate monetization on our videos (after YouTube automatically deactivated this after disconnecting from a network) all we see is this error screen which has no obvious work around.

So after an unknown number of hours spent Googling for help, attempting to contact YouTube, heading to Twitter and scouring official help forums, I have come to the conclusion that YouTube have not put any effort into their tech support avenues. Which basically lead me to the conclusion that there is absolutely no way for me to estimate how long this will affect the Aussie Gamers Express YouTube channel.

This is a large issue because the AGE YouTube channel is quite successful with 1.3k subscribers with close to 1 million total views which is only growing every day. YouTube has been a staple income for Aussie Gamers Express for many years now and allows us to pay for our web hosting (where this website is stored) and the hosting for the weekly podcast that we love making for all of our community members.

So here in lies the reason for the new YouTube channel being created. The above server error is isolated to individual accounts, so opening a new one will allow it to be monetized while we wait for the original channel to come back to life.

The downside is that you can't just monetize any new account. There is new criteria in place which requires a channel to hit 10k views before it can be reviewed for monetization. This is where you, the community members come in. We need you all to head over, watch our videos and subscribe to our new channel which is called Aussie Gamers News and Reviews.

The original AGE YouTube channel was first created in 2006 and it won't be going anywhere. Same goes with the new channel. When the original channel is revived, the new channel will coincide with the old and work together in tandem, and  hopefully in the long run, will increase the abilities for AGE and our community.

Thanks for taking the time to check out this post and if you want to help, head over to the new AGE YouTube Channel and click the subscribe button and check out some of our videos. Thanks again.

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Lucas Aurelius
23rd December 2017

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