Lara Croft Barbie Doll | Yes, Really

There's a new Tomb Raider movie coming to our silver screens later this year and Mattel have jumped on the band wagon and they're unveiling a new Barbie themed around the grave robbing heart throb very soon.

Alicia Vikander (right) will be the new star to equip the tight singlets and thigh holsters to run through the dangerous depths of the Tombs that are in need of Raiding.

Luck for IGN, they have exclusively revealed the doll, however I was talented enough to right click on the pictures and press save file so I could share it with you here.

Pre-sale begins soon at if you just have to have this hot new item. However, we gamers know you should never pre-order.

This new doll comes with various accessories including a map, absolutely necessary for navigating the shopping malls, an axe, journal and doll stand. Oh and a certificate of authenticity too so you can show off that you got the original Tomb Raider Barbie doll.

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Lucas Aurelius
Aussie Gamers Express
19th February 2018

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