Call of Duty: The Return

Some time ago I was asked a question, 

What story would get me back to playing a COD game again?

I wasn't sure how to answer this, it had been so long since I had been engrossed in the Call of Duty franchise that I doubted they could get me back. So I sat and thought about it for some time and came up with an idea. I would write my own Call of Duty campaign story and see where that took me. 

Well it took me to the below. Months of re-writes, changes of direction and ultimately to a story that I have made all my own, well the start of one anyways. 

So I give you the first chapter of Call of Duty: The Return.
Please be gentle, I am not a writer but I do enjoy it. It is only a short story with room to grow but I will continue to add more over the coming weeks. I so far have the first 2 chapters and the last chapter done.

Hopefully you enjoy the ride with me and I can create something you enjoy reading. 


"This is Natalie Jean reporting for CNN Global News. Today November 11th 2018 marks 100 years since the end of World War 1.
In an unprecedented show of unity and peace, leaders from the world over have agreed to put aside their differences for the day to remember those who paid the ultimate price for their country. Sides have been forgotten and conflicts put on hold as celebrations have been scheduled to begin worldwide at 11am GMT.
Let's go around the world to take a look at how different nations are set to remember their past heroes ."

Natalie throws back to the studio to begin a visual trip around the globe. 
We begin in the USA where services are quietly reflecting. The president is delivering a speech and we see the flags of peoples ancestors being flown with pride. 
In Berlin we are greeted with scenes of jubilation, the streets are full and everyone is dancing to their own beat celebrating this momentous occasion. 
The UK is a little more sombre, The Queen is handing poppies to children and scenes of the war and destruction wreaked on London are showing on massive TV screens. 

All around the world the scenes are repeated, each country has picked their own significant way to honour those who served their nations. 

A hush falls over the crowds as their screens show Big Ben counting down to 11am. The chimes begin to sound. Visions of people weeping fill our screens, the tension builds as you can feel the celebrations drawing closer. 

Big Ben continues to chime....8.9.10
At the 11th chime, the screaming starts. Big Ben explodes, what should have been cheers for joy is now replaced with screams of pure horror. We are seeing on screen the terror being repeated the world over. Reports flash showing every major event has been attacked. Landmarks are falling and the death toll is rising. 
Within minutes we are struck again. This time places of power are devastated, Parliaments, places of worship and major traffic ways come crashing down. 

You look on in disbelief, stuck in a trance wondering if this is real or just a bad movie. The shattering sound of glass brings you back, your wife has dropped her champagne. You look at her to see the tears in her eyes, she slowly whispers with a quivering lip 

"Your phone is ringing"

Every fibre of your being wants to just let it ring but your training gets the better of you. You answer  "Yes"
A familiar gruff voice on the other end simply replies "Five minutes"

You and your bag are ready in two. Your wife and children embrace you with tears streaming down their faces not wanting to say goodbye. 
The familiar sound of a helicopter on approach fills your ears as you say goodbye to the rest of the family and friends gathered in your home. 
On the way out the door you wife grabs you, "you come home you hear me" you share one last kiss before joining the helicopter on your front lawn......

So there you have it, the first chapter of my story. I hope you've enjoyed and are excited to hear how the rest goes.
Let me know in the comments!


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