GenerOZity Live marathon scheduled to run alongside PAX Australia

Generozity is back again this year and running during the PAX weekend. Australia's biggest independent livestream and variety show showcases Australian talent for the world to see! 

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After a successful crowdfunding campaign, the streaming marathon GenerOZity – which has raised $66,000 for mental health and children in need – is set to run again on the 26-28th of October at PAX Australia inside the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The community-driven crowd funding campaign via Kickstarter reached a resounding 164% of the desired goal, giving GenerOZity the ability to cover overheads for the increasing show cost. All funds raised are directly injected into GenerOZity, making it bigger and better.

Travis Eriksen, Executive Producer at Child’s Play said, "For 15 years Child's Play has been supported by community events like GenerOZity.  The money raised during this 2018 PAX Aus extravaganza will help support over a million children in hospitals across the globe."

The aim of GenerOZity is to bring together as many Australian and New Zealand streamers, YouTubers, podcasters, and communities to work directly with teams at Child’s Play and CheckPoint. The marathon’s community is organised and operated to provide a showcase for local talent on a global stage, with smaller channels working alongside national giants, and all working together for a common cause.

Jennifer Hazel, Founder/Director of CheckPoint said, GenerOZity is an incredible event that never fails to inspire me. Over the course of three days, you see content creators from all walks of life all working toward an incredible cause, clearly having a great time, and fostering a sense of social connectivity and community. The audience get involved and there's this really awesome sense of being together even if they are hundreds of miles apart. I can't wait to see how this unfolds at PAX, and I hope it becomes a staple in everybody's schedule over the weekend!”

The live streamed marathon will be broadcasted from the second floor of the Convention Centre directly across from the Kookaburra Theatre, and simulcasted over multiple streaming platforms – allowing for a greater reach than ever before with added crowd engagement through a physical viewing space.

GenerOZity is offering more crowd-engaging content on Saturday October 27, from 9:30 PM - 11:30 with GenerOZity Presents: Speedrun Everything!

Speedrun Everything is an attempt to bring the Iron Chef model to gaming. Teams of Australian cosplayers, musicians, and artists will compete to create the best example of their work within a very strict time window, using only the tools and materials given. The panellists will be judged in creativity, “looksound,” and resourcefulness by a panel of influencers. The winner gets a jolly nice pat on the back and a good, warm feeling inside.

Luke Lancaster, Content Manager for PAX Aus said, “Four times before GenerOZity has brought out the best in the Australian gaming community. I can’t convey how proud we are to welcome GenerOZity 5 and the sterling charity work they do to PAX Aus 2018.”

For PAX Australia GenerOZity will be:
  • Teaming up to work with Child’s Play and CheckPoint
  • Running a physical performance, with PAX attendees joining in the fun
  • Doing multiple showcases - including livestream, interactive panels and an afterparty
  • Combining online and cash donations with custom built Tap and Pay stations
  • Streaming on multiple platforms to extend reach, donations and support
  • Working with artists to create artwork for merchandise

Donations for this instalment of GenerOZity have now opened on in anticipation of next week’s live streaming marathon.

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