Episode 2: 24Hrs Later

The sound of your boots echo down the long corridor. Never before have you been to the UN headquarters, to bad it is under such terrible circumstances. Quickening your pace you realise up ahead that the doors to the room you're supposed to be in are already shut. Sneaking inside you hear the familiar booming voice of Kenneth Saxe, Secretary-General of the UN.

"Who is responsible? Why was there nothing reported about this?"

Looking around you notice that there are delegates from all 193 members of the United Nations, not a single seat is empty, and all of them look nervous.

The USA is the first to speak.

"We have been keeping an eye online and no-one has claimed responsibility. In fact it has been the opposite. Terrorist groups we would normally target have been coming forward and claiming they had nothing to do with the attacks. They have in large distanced themselves completely.
We have heard no chatter and given the coordination of the attacks we are at a loss."

Leaning in you remind the Major General of the strange theories that you had been researching only to be told to keep quiet. Secretary-General Saxe sees the interaction between you and the Major General and instantly calls to you.

You excuse yourself for the interruption and  return to your seat.

"Don't be shy son! Let us hear what you have to say."

The Major General lets out a sigh as he gives you an approving nod.

"Well sir, I have been in charge of investigating and reporting on possible legends and stories that are told around the world and seeing if there's any basis in fact. Some time ago we were made aware of a story out of South America that was originally thought as laughable but we have been investigating nonetheless. "

"And what does this have to do with what has happened?"

Clearing your throat with a nervous cough you continue.

"Well the stories we have been investigating show that a small group fled to South America in the late 1940's and have been in hiding since then. These were rumoured to be remnants of the Nazi regime.
Until recently we believed if they did in fact get to South America they would have grown old and died out."

"Are you trying to tell me that Hitler is behind this?"

"No Sir not at all. Adolf Hitler did in fact die in 1945. However new evidence has been uncovered that showed before his death he fathered two children with a third on the way.
They were kept secret as he and Eva Braun were only married some 40 hours before his death. "

"So what does this all mean? It sounds to me like something made up around a campfire."

"Well we have a strong belief that the SS members that fled have set up a small time drug cartel  in the jungles of Brazil that has continued to grow till this day. "

The room erupted in utter chaos. Delegates unable to process this information demanded to know more. The majority of the room was up in arms as they didn't believe the information was credible.
Secretary-general Saxe demanded order and silence soon returned, save for a few under breath comments.

Turning to you his voice boomed throughout the room.

"How long have you had this information?"

"We've been collecting and piecing together over the last decade or so."

"What evidence do you have?"

"At this stage it is mostly hearsay."

The Major General tries to interject but is quickly silenced.

"So what you are saying is you have no evidence. You have caused an uproar on a belief? It sounds to me that there is no connection here."

"Sir I would have agreed with you, however we have recently uncovered one piece of evidence that may be the missing link to all of this."

Reaching into your pocket you pull a drive and gesture towards the media booth.

"This has been popping up time and time again, throughout the world."

The image on the screens around the room shows the Swastika intertwined with the Trinity symbol on what appears to be a shipment of drugs.

"Here it is again stamped into pills. And numerous known drug traffickers have been seen with this tattooed on them."

A hush has now fallen over the room, your evidence has suddenly become very relevant.

The German Ambassador slowly rises to her feet. With an almost broken sounding voice she confirms your worst fears.

"At the time of the attacks yesterday we had a cyber attack on our government system."
She takes a moment to right herself.

"On investigation we were directed to a website with the same symbol. The same phrase was on repeat."

"Die Dreieinigkeit wird wieder herrschen"

"The Trinity will rule again."

There was a deafening sound of silence, as if everyone in that room had held their breath. Could any of this be real? Surely not. 

Secretary-General Saxe's voice brings life back to the room. 

"We need fast and  decisive action to confirm if this threat is the cause and we need it now."
"What is your rank son?"

"Forgive me Secretary-General Saxe, I no longer hold an official rank. I am ex SASR now doing research work with the British security government."

Secretary-General Saxe's gaze narrows. 

"Can the members of the Security Council please follow me. I have a plan that will require your attention and support."  

He gestures for you to follow also.

The German delegates ask to be included given the possible ties to them and the attack directed at their government. Saxe agrees and we all leave. 

The walk to the next room was a brisk one. No one spoke and a nervous tension filled the air. This was nothing compared to what was to come. 

Once behind closed doors again the Secretary-General belines for you. 

"Do you know where this group is located?


"Do you suspect another attack?"

"Nothing confirmed but I would say yes."

"Right this is what we are going to do."

Secretary-General Saxe lays out his plan. 
Each of the security council members is to supply two of their best special forces personnel to hunt down this "Trinity" group. The team will report directly to the Secretary-General with the security council kept in the loop. 
The orders are to locate and provide recon on the operation. 

You ask the question when really you should have stayed quiet. 

"Who will I be briefing on the details. There is a lot to go through here."

Secretary-General Saxe gives a wrye smile. 

"Oh no son, you're going along. I hereby recall you to active duty."
"Pack your bags" 

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