It might be time for an upgrade! 

I only ever had one complaint with the original NACON Revolution controller, and that was it was wired! That being said most of the time I stream from the PS4, that is what I am using! 

Below we have some more information on the upcoming REVOLUTION Unlimited Pro Controller. All I can assure you of at this time is this will be well worth the wait, and the coin. Now with the inclusion of wireless connectivity. 

Check out the below and keep an eye out for more info as it comes through! 

NACON, designer of gaming accessories, unveils more information about the REVOLUTION Unlimited Pro Controller, a new licensed controller equipped with a wireless mode for PlayStation®4 (PS4™), about to join NACON’s range of officially licensed accessories.
NACON’S REVOLUTION Unlimited controller offers plenty of customisation options in both hardware and software. All created to please the most competitive gamer.
The REVOLUTION Unlimited Pro Controller comes with interchangeable joystick heads and shafts, allowing a choice of concave or convex heads and larger diameter shafts. In addition there is a concealed weight compartment in each hand grip where the controller weight can be adjusted.
Included with the controller are: 2 x pairs of joystick heads (concave & convex), 3 x pairs of shafts (30°, 38° & 46°) and 3 x pairs of weights (2x10g / 2x14g / 2x16g). To keep everything safe and secure, an EVA zipped hard storage case in also included.


REVOLUTION Unlimited Pro Controller officially licensed for PlayStation®4 features include:
·                     Wireless Bluetooth® connection via USB dongle (7m range)
·                     Wired connection via USB-C cable (3m length)
·                     PS, SHARE, OPTIONS buttons
·                     Full function touch pad
·                     4 shortcut buttons (S1/S2/S3/S4)
·                     3.5mm headset jack: audio and chat in both wired and wireless modes
·                     Two internal compartments and six additional weights to adjust the balance (2x10g / 2x14g / 2x16g)
·                     Soft-touch finish to the controller’s casing
·                     EVA storage case included
·                     Compatible with all PS4™ systems
·                     Compatible with PC games in PC Advanced Mode*
Back control panel
·                     Manual control of the headset volume and mute button
·                     Game mode selection button (1-PS4 / 2-PS4 Advanced / 3-PC Advanced*)
·                     Platform selection button (PS4/PC*)

More information about the NACON REVOLUTION Unlimited Pro Controller features, including the customisation software interface, will be unveiled shortly. Stay tuned!

NACON’s REVOLUTION Unlimited Pro Controller, officially licensed by for PS4™, will be available in Australia and New Zealand from mid-April 2019 with an AUD RRP of $299.95.

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