Sea of Thieves: Anniversary Update including FISHING!!

Wow, 12 months. What a difference 12 months can make. 
March 20th last year saw the release of my most anticipated game of 2018 Sea of Thieves. Unfortunately at the time it didn't grab me as I had hoped. Don't get me wrong it is a heap of fun and has always been a great game but as friends stopped playing so did I. 

12 months on and many updates later Rare has continued to bring us more content and again we look to set sail with a heap of new things to do. 

We begin by drawing our swords and sailing into The Arena, a new and highly-competitive PvP experience that distils the quintessential Sea of Thieves gameplay of sailing, shooting and looting into fixed-length play sessions where rewards are given not just for success, but for the havoc you wreak along the way.

In The Arena, five crews will take command of galleons and set out in pursuit of the same buried booty. Being the crew that grabs the treasure and returns it safely to the new Sea Dogs Trading Company will earn your crew some valuable silver, but so will scoring hits against enemy vessels with cannon fire and taking out other players in combat. Now that ships can suffer damage to their wheel, masts and capstan, these sea battles will offer even more tactical depth and more opportunities for mayhem. The crew with the most silver at the end of each 24-minute bout will earn a well-deserved victory, and so The Arena is the perfect way to experience the hectic hilarity of a Sea of Thieves voyage when you only have a short time to play.

If you’re exhausted after the broadsides and brawling of The Arena, there’s now a brand-new way to relax and unwind courtesy of a fan-favourite feature: fishing. Yes, pirates will able to cast a line into any body of water and try their luck at catching different kinds of fish. Some species will respond to different types of bait, others can only be found in certain regions of the world and more elusive types won’t show so much as a tailfin unless the conditions are right, so there’ll be plenty of experimentation involved if you’re looking to impress.

Impress who? That’s where the gourmets of the Hunter’s Call come inThis new Trading Company can be found at sea ports across the Sea of Thieves, and they’ll reward pirates who are able to hand over rare and exotic types of fish and other meats – especially if they’ve been cooked to perfection over a campfire or on your ship’s new stove. Of course, if you’ve dished up the perfect maritime meal, you might decide to keep it for yourself and use it as a health-boosting snack down the line.

If you’d rather reel in a bigger, angrier prize, the new harpoons aboard your ship can be used to snag barrels, chests and even other pirates! They’re also handy for tethering yourself to another ship, making it much easier to board other vessels. Harpoons have plenty of other uses too, but we’ll leave you to discover those for yourselves…

Last but most certainly not least, introducing the first set of Tall Tales, Shores of Gold. Tall Tales provide narrative-focused adventures set within the shared world of Sea of Thieves and can be enjoyed by crews and solo players alike. In Shores of Gold, pirates will assemble the mythical Shroudbreaker artefact, seeking to use its power and reach a mysterious island filled with fabulous riches.

Along the way, players will solve puzzles, explore ancient labyrinths, dodge traps and do battle with fearsome Skeleton Lords. The story spans nine Tall Tales, each of which has been designed to combine dramatic storytelling and narrative cutscenes (voiced by professional actors) but still be playable and enjoyable over and over, especially since they take place in a living, unpredictable world where other players might well have their part to play in your adventure.

So there you have it, a nice reason to jump back into Sea of Thieves if you haven't in a while.
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