Sony is Firing Up for #E32019

Yeah yeah I know what you're all thinking, but Snoogs, we know you're a bit of a fanboy but Sony isn't going to E3 this year. 
Yes this is true, but hear me out. 

Just before E3 we are due to have another State of Play presentation from Sony. I know, the last one was definitely a let down but we have 2 very big, very strong leads to go off. 

Firstly Hideo Kojima. He has been dropping hints all week for a new look at Death Stranding. A Sony exclusive who's details have been kept exceptionally close. Now we know Kojima is known as being a bit of a prankster and he loves to play mind games like this, but apparently we have something landing around 30.05.19

The other comes via Spanish website Claiming to have been speaking with Sony directly, we are expecting to see a release date this week that could be in that pre Christmas 2019 window. I am a little more skeptical of this one. I think if we do get a release, it will be March 2020 or even April 2020

Either way this could be a bit of a shock wave ploy to throw a little bit of a statement down prior to E3 after Sony sensationally pulled out of the annual event last year.

Plenty of rumours to come in the lead up to E3 so let us know what you think below, or on any of our social channels!


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