PaladinAmber dealing with Trolls in the most Aussie of ways!

The internet can be a bit of a daunting place, keyboard warriors at every turn empowered by their anonymity and a sense of self righteousness. Jump on over to Twitch and it takes on a whole new form. 

Twitch is by far the most popular and well known streaming service. Anyone with an account can jump in and create content for others to enjoy, or enjoy the content created. I have always likened it to digital busking when asked to explain it to others. I stream myself and enjoy it immensely. 

Of course putting yourself on screen opens you up to a whole range of "unique" individuals that can come into your chat. Adelaide streamer Amber "PaladinAmber" Walden has a very Aussie way of dealing with this particular group more commonly known as trolls. 

PaladinAmbers recent explosion in popularity has been a result of not only good content, but the unique way she is calling out inappropriate or crude comments within her streams chat. Using mock "breaking news" type skits Amber is tearing apart those comments much like you would see a stand up comedian destroying hecklers, and destroy them she does. 

Recently when asked what her sexual orientation was, PaladinAmber cut away to a breaking news screen, 

   "This just in, it is possible for people to be on the internet and not want to do the horizontal tango with one another, or with any of you. Back to you guys."

Amber herself describes it as dealing with hecklers at a show, 

"if no one acknowledges it, it becomes awkward and silent, but the moment you come back with a response it is entertaining."

Entertaining is right, PaladinAmbers channel in a few short months has grown to just shy of 50,000 followers and allowed her to become a full time streamer.  

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