Playstation 5 Design Patent Revealed?

Think of this what you will, but according to reports online by LetsGoDigital, earlier this month Sony filed a patent in Brazil that could be an awesome looking games console, or a bread crumb in the wrong direction. 
Apparently designed by Sony's Technical Director Yusuhiro Ootori could this be the next Playstation console? 

I know what you're thinking, patents get filed all the time and never see the light of day. This one is a little different as Sony have designated the device as a Class 14.02, which includes data processing and peripheral equipment. Heading back to prior PS4 days and Sony registered the PS4 under Class 14.02 also. I'm seeing a link here. 

Looking at the designs while I think it looks cool and has all the hallmarks of a gaming monster I don't see this at home in a lounge room, gaming room more directly my gaming room is a different story. 

Whether this is a thing or not it gets the thought process going for the next gen of gaming consoles and what they will look like. 
Better yet, tell us what you think they will look like in the comments below or any of our social channels. 

Big thanks for LetsGoDigital for the info.


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