Playstation State of Play: September 25th 2019

Earlier today Sony held their third official State of Play broadcast. What a way to kick off the day at 6am Sydney time. Promising a new look and the usual twenty minute run time we all knew exactly what we were waiting for. Anyone that has followed here, listened to the Podcast or followed any of our social channels would have heard about the media event for The Last of Us Part II being held the same day. 
We will get to that, but first my highlights. 

  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
    • Revealing the story trailer for the re-imagining of the Modern Warfare story. This game looks gritty, gorgeous and worthy of me jumping back into COD. Plus the multiplayer beta has been fun. 
  • Death Stranding
    • Nothing new gameplay wise, Me, like I guess most, I'm just looking forward to getting my hands on it. They did reveal a cool special edition PS4Pro and controller. 
  • MediEvil gets a demo!
    • you read that right, demo available now, currently downloading.
  • PS Plus titles for October: The Last of Us Remastered & The Show 19
    • The Show are always good, if you like baseball.. yes please and The Last of Us is quite simply a masterpiece, if you haven't played yet, you need to
  • Arise: A Simple Story
    • Didn't know about this one and was pleasantly surprised. Check out the video for more info.
  • The Last of Us Part II
    • We have a release date, February 21st 2020
    • Gritty, emotional, violent, stunning and vengeful. So many questions can be asked about the trailer, this is going to be a roller coaster ride that we will come out of weeping.  

More information is available below with links to the individual titles on the Playstation Blog. But before you do that, check out the video below it is well worth the watch. 

·         The Last of Us Part II announces its release date: Check out the stunning new trailer and the game’s special editions as pre-orders go live.
·         Call of Duty: Modern Warfare debuts its story trailer: Infinity Ward reveals the real-world inspirations that helped shape its new take on the iconic franchise.
·         Introducing the Limited Edition Death Stranding PS4 Pro bundle: Get your first look at a console marked by B.T.s and its BB-inspired DUALSHOCK 4 controller.
·         Here are your PS Plus games for October: Get ready for Naughty Dog’s sequel with The Last of Us Remastered and become a baseball legend in MLB The Show 19.
·         MediEvil’s getting a demo…and it’s out today: Get a taste for Sir Dan’s resurrection in this limited time demo, which features a very special secret item…
·         Civilization VI is coming to PS4 later this year: The strategy sim is console-bound, and it’s bringing its expansions and online multiplayer with it.
·         See the first trailer for Humanity, the human behaviour sim: Get your first details on the eye-catching title being co-produced by Tetris Effect creator Enhance.
·         Gorgeous adventure Arise: A Simple Story announced for PS4: Relive the best and worst moments of a hero’s life as he journeys through the afterlife.
·         Katamari Damacy’s creator newest title Wattam gets a PS4 release date: Get a taste of the game’s gameplay and story in a new trailer ahead of its launch later this year.
·         L.A. Noire: The VR Files is out now on PlayStation Store: Details on what’s new and improved as Rockstar’s crime thriller is rebuilt for PS VR.
·         Soar through the skies in stunning PS VR sci-fi adventure Stardust Odyssey: Discover the story behind this newly announced title.
·         Gladiatorial sim Gorn punches onto PS VR: Take to the arena and fight the Emperor’s greatest warriors in this brutal yet hilarious first-person battler.

·         Arizona Sunshine creator returns with PS VR multiplayer shooter After the Fall: Wield a Walkman turned rocket launcher and other unique weapons as you battle huge mutated creatures in a post-apocalyptic L.A.

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