Amnesia: The Collection on Nintendo Switch

I was always concerned with how a game would translate to the handheld Nintendo Switch. Being it is not only a smaller screen but also the handheld aspect. Yes you can play on a big screen like any other console but l got the Switch for the portability so that is how I use it. 

Amnesia Collection was my first experience with a console game on the Switch, before we get into that a big shout out to Frictional Games for the chance to check it out. 

The Amnesia Collection features three very different games. 
The Dark Descent is still one of the spookiest games in the genre and definitely worthy to many's claim as the scariest horror game ever. While released in 2010 originally it is beginning to show it's age, especially given it was never "big budget" to begin with. 
The DLC for Dark Descent is included "Justine" along with 2013's sequel A Machine for Pigs. 

Given the age of The Dark Descent the graphical quality is considerably less than what you would expect from a newer title, but it has been given a decent polish. Let's be honest though, that grainy jagged edged picture just plays into the horror feel even more so. 

As I stated above I played through in handheld mode. Let me assure you, turn the lights down, plug in a headset and you just as easily get drawn into the game as you would on PC or a TV, I think even more so as you've got your head down looking at your hands. More than once my wife came up behind me and scared the crap out of me. 

The three stories of The Amnesia Collection all follow a similar path. You awaken each time with... Amnesia... and are tasked with making your way through dimly lit hallways of an old, creepy mansion or castle looking for clues to what is going on. You must complete puzzles or put together details to work your way forward and ultimately solve what is going on. 

Each game is first person perspective. You need to explore the environment picking up items, interacting with objects and solving puzzles. You must use the items you collect in your puzzles, some items you collect heal you and sources of light help stave off the creeping insanity. 

A Machine for Pigs feels more linear and a quicker experience plus does away with inventory so all the puzzles are solvable with the surrounding environment however it feels much the same. 

The sound design in these titles are where they stand above the rest. The sound creates an ambience where you know something is coming, but are never quite ready for it. Let me tell you, The Amnesia Collection has plenty of jump scares. It not only revels in the scare in front of you but what it makes you sense by just getting engrossed in the atmosphere. 

Visually I didn't have an issue, the Nintendo Switch ran each title well with little effort. A couple of dips in framerate here and there but nothing game breaking.
If you're looking for a title to make you think and experience a bit of a scare, especially around this spooky time of year this is well worth you to have a look at. 



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