Anthem Nine Months on

I have been wanting to get my competitive fix for a little while now especially in the lead up to the release of Modern Warfare. Sure there are plenty of titles out there but Anthem is still in my inventory and hey, I want to finish at least the story. 
The gear grind I have my title for, The Division 2 is on that list as well as Destiny 2. Anthem is kinda a mix of the both.
When Anthem was first released it was released with great promise and great expectation. It unfortunately failed on both fronts. It was met with intense criticism and very very minimal praise. Which to be honest is probably a little unfair. Anthem was OK it just never lived up to the lofty expectations on release but was then hampered by broken promises by the devs, no direction and a micro transaction system that was down right ridiculous. 

But that was February, surely by now there has been plenty of time to tweak it, add to the base game and better enhance the experience? Surely right??    
Ok so a bit of background. I am playing on an Xbox One S, not the most powerful console out at the moment but decent enough for some good games to run pretty well. 

Firstly I was placed back in the Forge to wander through and talk to people. The movement on foot is so slow and graphically there was constant screen tearing. Standing in place and turning side to side would cause it to tear, not a good start. 
Onto the Javelin. 

One thing I always found problematic was the direction of the story, or lack there of. I struggled to find what was next on the list of things to do as it is just one open area that is all open, others you unlock areas as you go giving you an idea of what is next, Anthem needed something like this, or just a better system then it has. 

The world itself seems to be more alive then it was previously. more things flying, different animals on the ground, weather effects are good and graphically it runs much better than the Forge area. Public events still need some love, while I don't have any figures to back it up on how many are currently playing or how many are in the server at a time, there needs to be more, of both....

The biggest problem was and still is the connectivity issues. My short temper with this game saw me turn it off after about 25 mins because I got booted from the EA servers. EA is one of the biggest if not the biggest gaming company out there. If I cannot have a constant connection to the servers for this it is because EA have no care in that area. I've never been booted from the Battlefield V servers.... 

So there you go, it's still not fixed. I would love to be able to get through the campaign and to end game just to get that high level gear and see what the end game is all about but there are too many factors stopping my progress. 

I believe it is official. Goodbye Anthem, you had so much promise but here I am writing a Eulogy....


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