The Surge 2 – Learn how to survive in Jericho City

Have you begun your journey through The Surge 2 yet? 
Have you been swearing at the screen, throwing your controller? 

I have been and I've only been watching gameplay.....

Each fight in The Surge 2 is a desperate risk-versus-reward decision. Will you target a weak spot to end the fight quickly? Or will you target an armoured part to gain powerful materials and weapons? You must utilise all the tools in your arsenal to survive, including a customisable combat drone, game-changing implants and a new directional parrying system, all of which are discussed in the new trailer.
Discover the mysteries of Jericho City and the sources of the nanomachine plague alongside Athena, a mysterious young girl linked to your past, and escape the carnage of Jericho City.
Check out the below trailer for some tips and tricks to get you best prepared for the carnage you're about to unleash. 

The Surge 2 is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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