Obey Me Stream + Giveaway!!!!

Ahh the joys of technology and on top of that trying to stream, well I've had my fair share of issues there... 
As did Blowfish Studios.
So here is their next stream date with some of the devs from Obey Me joining in all the way from Argentina.  

Stream will be live February 14th at 9:30am AEDT (2:30pm PST) 
Live on the Blowfish Studios Twitch Channel

On top of that check out the below for dev details and links to the game page along with a chance to win a download key for when Obey Me releases a set of the Obey Me comics (#0 - #5) and a collectable pin. 

Don't miss out and be sure to check out the Blowfish Studios stream. 

Obey Me - Blowfish Studios 
E404 Game Studios - Developers
Giveaway link

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