LudoNarraCon 2020 is Live Now!

What a weird and some would say wonderful time we live in at the moment. 
The world is on lockdown, and things we took for granted have been taken away from us. 

But thankfully we are part of a massive world wide community who not only uses but strives with technology and new ways to communicate and interact with each other. 

This year the events calendar is looking a little lackluster, but that is where a digital festival like LudoNarraCon is fantastic to help get your fix of panels, playable demos and updates on upcoming titles. 

LudoNarraCon aims to create a platform to showcase and celebrate interesting and innovative narrative games, replicating as many of the aspects and benefits of the physical convention experience as possible within a digital format. This is the second year LudoNarraCon is running.

There will be over 40 game exhibitors, 10+ panels from industry leaders discussing game development, a sale featuring over 50 games, plus 20+ playable demos during the event!

Available demos include Paradise Killer, Suzerain, Genesis Noir, Over the Alps, Wayward Strand, and Welcome to Elk, among others.

LudoNarraCon is showcasing over 40 game exhibitors over the weekend so be sure to check out the website here for more information on times and links to the live stream via Steam

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