One Bar Games - Aussie Devs "Grip" Playable now

Today we have something new from some fellow Aussies! 
One Bar Games are a Melbourne based independent game developer founded in 2017 and are working on both digital and tabletop gaming mediums. 

Today we are talking about Grip, a single player first person exploration and puzzle game. In Grip you take control of Avery, a teenager who discovers they have telekinetic abilities. You must use Avery's powers to move object such as boulders and logs to find your way out of the forest canyon. 

As you progress through the game you will learn that your abilities change depending on which emotion is most prominent. 

Definitely a different sort of concept and one that peaked my interest. 
I came across this title while wandering through platform. 

One Bar Games are fresh out of Uni having recently graduated from the Academy of Information Technology in Melbourne. 
The team consists of 
Amos Wilksch - Project Manager, Lead Writer, Sound Designer, Level Designer,  Social Media Manager  
Daniel Morelli - Lead Programmer, 3D Artist, UI Designer, VFX Artist  
Josh Field - Lead Artist, Concept Artist, 3D Artist, VFX Artist  
Troy Gowland - Lead Level Designer, 3D Artist, Environment Artist

Grip is their first project originally started as the teams uni graduation project. 
Grip is available for free and a relatively small download at just over 4gb. 

As it is a title available for free I won't do a traditional review however tune into our weekly podcast to hear my thoughts. 

For now, hit up One Bar Games website, follow them on Facebook and check out Grip for yourself to support some good local Aussie talent. 


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