Resident Evil 3 Remake can Get *!&%

That's right I said it! 
Hear me out though. This statement has nothing to do with the quality of the Resident Evil 3 remake but more to do with my bodies reaction to it. 
My heart rate is racing, my blood pressure is up and I am more tense than I have been gaming wise in I don't know how long. 

Resident Evil 3 follows Jill Valentine a former member of Racoon City's Police Department's Special Tactics and Rescue Service or STARS and her escape from Racoon City after an outbreak of the T-virus. The virus responsible for creating the monsters in the original Resident Evil that wiped out the STARS team has now been released into the city with the Nemesis, an unrelenting force of Umbrella Corp, being programmed to hunt down any remaining members. 

That's about enough of the story that I want to get into. If you have played the original version you know where this is headed. If not, then strap in and enjoy. 

Capcom have lovingly recreated one of the classics from the PS1 days. Resident Evil 3 Remake is more of a re-telling than a new technology like for like remake. So for me it was a perfect time to play one of the classic games in the Resident Evil franchise but with updated graphics and technology behind it. 

Graphically RE3 has seen a complete overhaul as you would expect. The character models are one of the more realistic I have seen this year and the world within is showcased perfectly. From The destroyed, neon lit zombie filled streets, through shadow cloaked back alleys down into sewer tunnels the world has been effectively re-created. Lighting has been done in such a way that it helps creates a mood that doesn't let up. The lighting plays with your eyes somewhat and I found myself jumped by the infected from a shadow on more than one occasion. 

Capcom is really doing wonders with it's RE engine. The updated look for Jill which had some complaining earlier on this year is a breath of fresh air. Jill is a well trained police officer but also very human as well. She gets hurt, a lot, and it shows in her. As you move you begin to limp your pace lessens and your dodge is less effective. 

Resident Evil 3 feels much more gun happy than I was expecting. Being my first foray into the game I was expecting very little ammo and a focus on stealth to get you through. Ammo pickups are reasonably frequent though you do still have to conserve somewhat. There is the option of creating ammo using components you find throughout the area and health is taken care of in the same way by finding medication packs or combining herbs to give you that health boost. You're going to need it. Puzzles are good but not overly taxing and shouldn't pose too much delay for most. 

Back in 1999 when Resident Evil 3 first released it was subtitled Nemesis. Nemesis is of course the main antagonist in RE3. Nemesis is a foreboding figure from the moment you are introduced to them in the first few moments of the game. From then on it is a relentless pursuer that is borderline unstoppable. Not only does Nemesis look frightening, but the sound of its pursuit is downright terrifying. 

There is one common denominator in horror titles that I am used to. Walk to a door, open it, something jumps out at you. You know it is going to happen but you have time to mentally and physically prepare yourself. Nemesis takes that away from you. It will pursue you into places you should feel safe. If it cannot, it will stand outside glaring at you through the window waiting for you to slip up so it can grab you and crush your skull into the pavement. This may have happened to me on occasion. 

That being said though the Nemesis isn't the only creature you have to be scared of. There are your usual assortment of slow moving zombies to dodge past but will kill if they get a hold of you, plus a whole range of creatures you can experience for yourself. Just watch out in the sewers. 

I don't really have a lot to say on the negative side with RE3. I did have some issues with the camera getting me into trouble when moving about and the timing on the dodge ability seemed to sometimes be random whether it worked or not but these are not game breaking by any means.

Overall Resident Evil 3 is a great, fast paced experience that throws in just enough tension to keep you on your toes and up a little after you've finished playing for the night. At approx 9-10 hrs for your first playthrough it isn't long by any means but it doesn't need to be. 

Resident Evil 3 from Capcom is available April 3 in Australia on PS4 (played) Xbox and PC. Be sure to check it out and let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 

At the time of writing I had not played enough of the Resident Evil: Resistance multiplayer to give a good overall view. Check out the podcast to hear my thoughts in the next weeks. 

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