Inside Xbox - Series X Gameplay and World Premiers

Hey Guys and Gals, so Xbox Insider delivered this morning. They talked a little about Game Studios, which they announced last year at E3, and told us to expect more gameplay to be shown in July 2020. They next dove straight into showing us a few of the Xbox Series X Enhanced games, many of which were world premieres:
  • (World Premiere) Bright memory Infinite ~ An interesting game that has modern guns and body modification but also awesome swords.
  • (World Premiere) Dirt 5
  • Scorn (available on Gamepass) ~A FPS where your weapons are sentient and your choices affect your gameplay.
  • (World Premiere) Chorvs- Rise as One~ An awesome looking game full of space battles.
  • Madden 21
  • (World Premiere) Vampire – Bloodlines 2~ A bit of a messed up game where you play as a Vampire.
  • (World Premiere) Call of the Sea~ A pretty looking adventure game where you are looking for your partner who has disappeared.
  • (World Premiere) The Ascent~ A top down game where you are a slave that has broken out and must fight your way through hordes of enemies.
  • (World Premiere) The Medium ~ A psychological horror made by the guys that made Silent Hill.
  • (World Premiere) Scarlet Nexus~ A game from Bandai Namco that follows Yuito Sumeragi, a member of the OSF who has psycho-kinesis.
  • (World Premiere) Second Extinction – Reclaim Earth ~ Get a team together and fight dinosaurs.
  • Yakuza – Like a Dragon~ A member of the Yakuza that is betrayed and sentenced to death must now fight to get back at the members that have forsaken him.
They also showed some new cinematics of Assassins Creed Valhalla and explained some of the new mechanics such as raiding parties, building communities, forging treaties with kings and other Vikings, and how they have brought in a new skill and gear system. They then too some time to talk to the developers of Dirt 5 and the Medium and had them talk more in depth about their visions for the games. Get keen for July when Game studios has some news, announcements and gameplay in store for us. Xbox series X is shaping up to be a great console with some great games lined up with more to come!

Peace, Caz.
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8th May 2020.
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