Facebook Gaming is Mixing it up

The past few days have been getting progressively worse online. We have had a pretty bad year so far worldwide and well, it doesn't seem to be letting up any time soon. 

Over the weekend allegations of sexual harassment, bullying and even as far as rape have come out against some apparently very influential streamers and studio members of the gaming world, the lack of action from the streaming platforms or companies who these accused are partnered with and even accounts of them covering them up or attempting to make the problem simply go away. 

Now I will be honest, I have not researched any of this because simply, with everything going on in the world, my outlook on the human race can only take so much. The thought of more people using their influence to abuse or take advantage of others be they female or male, quite frankly is f#*king disgusting. 

Then yesterday while researching news stories for our podcast another tweet came up, that at the time I didn't read into as there wasn't much to read from the tweet itself. The reason I saw it on my feed was because Phil Spencer had replied asking the person if they could get in contact to discuss. 
That is not something you see every day, the head of Xbox replying like that. 

I read into it. Checked out the link to the full piece the person had written on their time at Mixer and their terrible experiences. 
What should have been an awe inspiring journey for anyone who is passionate about the gaming industry turned into a horror show due to what was claimed as racial abuse. 
I am not getting into what it was or what the reasons given were because it is not my place to comment. It happened when it shouldn't have. 

Now this morning Mixer is everywhere, and not for any good reasons. Mixer is officially gone. 
Microsoft and Xbox has confirmed that they are shutting the platform down and all members and partners are invited to join Facebook gaming. Moving forward Xbox will be partnered with Facebook Gaming for it's streaming. 

I don't think the above has anything to do with Xbox closing down Mixer but a lot of people will claim it does. The timing is a little to tight to close up something of this size. 
This has not been well received and has caused an uproar among the community and quite rightly so. There is very little information on what will happen with those partnered with Mixer and their community, will all their work still be viable over on Facebook gaming? Will their community follow them or will they have to start again? 

Facebook gaming has come out and said all are welcome to the platform and those that were monetising their streams could apply for the Facebook version of that. Backed up by Phil Spencer on 
Xbox Wire which I will link below. 


Microsoft and Xbox seem to be doing the right thing with bringing their low latency and real time interactions with them but only time will tell. 
I am not a fan of Facebook gaming, but also watched very little on Mixer and personally stream to Twitch. I'll be keeping a close eye on what becomes of Facebook Gaming.

Keep an eye out for more info as it becomes available and for shits sake, take care and just be kind to each other.....


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