Friday Night Games - Fun Without Catching the 'Rona

COVID-19 has added that extra sour taste to an already painful year, but if you're the 'glass half full' kind of person then you can look beyond the struggles we're all dealing with and see some of the light that is shining through due to humanities ability to adapt and overcome. 

This year's obstacles have provided opportunities for people to come up with new ideas on how to live our lives in isolation and still enjoy ourselves. One such example is Magnificent Nerds, a high level gaming events agency that is based out of Sydney, Australia. Magnificent Nerds are hosting Friday Night Games which is an exciting new way to interact with fellow gamers and enjoy Friday nights in while keeping safe. Check out the statement below and I'll see you there for the games.

Australian gamers - the hottest spot in gaming is now your favourite seat on thecouch thanks to ‘Friday Night Games’

Do you have plans for Friday night? Now you do - Magnificent Nerds is hosting a party, a big
one, and you’re invited.

The award-winning gaming events agency is bringing the fun of gaming exhibitions and

conventions to the comfort of your own home, launching a new initiative titled ‘Friday Night

A free, immersive weekly event, ‘Friday Night Games’ promises to deliver a social e-sports

experience, where the focus is all on the “social”.

“This is far more than just your average night online – this is like-minded gamers competing

across all the most popular gaming titles and heaps of modes,” said Magnificent Nerds Chief
Nerd, Chris Doxey.

“Over the past few months many people have had more time for gaming and from that has

grown the need for a more curated online experience.

“The team at Magnificent Nerds has been working hard behind the scenes to make that a

reality, and now ‘Friday Night Games’ is ready to launch.

“We don’t know of a gamer who doesn’t enjoy a challenge, and we expect many to begin

looking forward to jumping online on a Friday night and getting involved.”

Set to run each Friday between 7 and 11PM across Australia and New Zealand, ‘Friday

Night Games’ is ultimately an opportunity to meet new friends, try new titles and participate
in events you would never have thought possible from the comfort of your own home.

It’s a special kind of gaming, nestled in the space between e-sports and casual play, with

modified rule sets, skill caps, and the chance to win prizes just as you would at a gaming

“We’ve made ‘Friday Night Games’ with everyone in mind,” Chris continued.

“Whether you play on your PC, Xbox, PlayStation or Switch, whether your game of choice is

Rainbow Six: Siege, Grand Theft Auto or FIFA, whether you’re a relative beginner or
experienced – you will be able to log on every Friday night and get a truly unique, exciting
and engaging experience,” he added.

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3rd July 2020

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