Microsoft Flight Sim Countdown

We are literally hours away from the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 and the countdown till I can play is on! 
I played Flight Sim a long time ago, I am talking like Flight Sim '98 or 2000 days. That was about the last time I had a PC that wasn't just for basic stuff. That has all changed now and I am pumped to get back in and fly all around the world. 
The imagery flooding the net at the moment for 2020 is nothing short of breathtaking and while my PC won't come anywhere near that level of polish I'll still be giving it a go. 
Available on GamePass for PC I will be seeing you in the skies! 

But before then, take a look at the below video showing just how far Flight Simulator has come and get ready for some crazy encounters with fellow aviators. 

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