We have a very cool title to share with you today. A game which is right up my alley except I just don't have the time to sink into it that it deserves. 
Port Royale 4 the real time trading game set in the 17th century is releasing on PC, PS4 and Xbox on September 25. 
Check out the deep dive video and release below for all the details!


Multiplatform, Single-Player Seafaring Trade Sim is Set to Become the Crown Jewel in the Series' History

It's almost time to set sail on Port Royale 4 and join the colonial powers of Spain, England, France and the Netherlands to embark in real-time trading in 17th century Caribbean.  Today, publisher Kalypso Media and developer Gaming Minds Studios are unveiling a brand-new game featurette as well as a collection of screenshots prior to Port Royale 4's multiplatform launch on September 25.

With a nearly 30-year legacy, Port Royale 4 features the largest game world in the franchise including 12 square kilometres in which you can zoom in from the sky right down to every little hut.  As the most complex and only real-time trading game in the genre, players will make use of the detailed sea map to avoid stormy weather regions, cliffs and shallow waters and create intricate trade routes across the Caribbean.  All the while, they'll keep a keen eye out for pirates and other privateers!

The sheer depth of the trading system, nation perks, captain's traits and the four playable campaigns are all set to deliver a fascinating and multi-layered game.  For many fans, one of the most exciting differences is the new turn-based sea battles that will further enhance the tactical game play.

Title: Port Royale 4
Platforms: Windows PC, PlayStation®4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch™
Developer: Gaming Minds Studios
Genres: Trading simulation, real time strategy and city building
Release: 9/25/2020, Nintendo Switch™ (TBC)
Hashtag: #PortRoyale4 and #PortRoyale

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