How about a long range, slow motion shot, through you guessed it that sweet tender spot all from the comfort of wherever the hell you want to be chilling out. 

Sniper Elite 4 is out now on the Nintendo Switch!

Check out the release info below and don't forget to let us know what you think if you pick it up. 

Pat (Snoogs)

Rebellion’s award-winning, genre-defining WW2 tactical shooter, Sniper Elite 4, is available now on Nintendo Switch at Australian retailers.

Played by more than 15 million people worldwide and widely acclaimed by press and fans alike, Sniper Elite 4 is the WW2 shooter of a generation. It continues the series’ heritage of deep stealth strategy combined with advanced, visceral sniping across massive landscapes.

Sniper Elite 4 takes players to the beautiful Mediterranean backdrop of Italy, 1943 where the Resistance fights to defeat a terrifying new threat to the Allied fightback.

Sniper Elite 4 offers:

  • An expansive campaign set in WW2 Italy
  • Genre-defining sniping featuring advanced ballistics and boundless strategy
  • Trademark X-Ray kill cams, including melee and explosive takedowns
  • Iconic WW2 weaponry; sniper rifles, pistols, SMGs, traps, grenades and more
  • Upgrade and customise your skills and weaponry as you progress
  • Tactical traversal mechanics; climb, hang, shimmy and leap across maps!
  • Co-op and multiplayer modes across local wireless and online play
  • And much more

On Switch, players can look forward to a host of exclusive new features including:  

  • Motion aim with gyroscopic controls
  • HD rumble support - feel your heartbeat and bullet impacts!
  • Local play – play in co-op or multiplayer with up to 4 players on the same network!
  • Pro Controller support - take your precision up a level

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