The 2020 Player 2 Charity Marathon Kicks Off with the Terry Campese Foundation

I have always believed in the good you can do simply by helping others. Top of my list has always been kids and those that help them. 
Being in the gaming community we are poised to help out in unique ways be it raising funds or giving an opportunity to those in need to join in the fun of gaming and bringing that smile to their face. 
Once again the good people over at Player 2 are strapping on the boots for a marathon 24hr Charity stream in support of the Terry Campese Foundation. With not only the chance to help others but also the chance to pick up some cool prizes!

Check out the full details below and LINKS at the bottom to take you there. 

The 2020 Player 2 Charity Marathon is coming this weekend and will once again be supporting the fine
work of the Terry Campese Foundation. Player 2 has already raised over $12000 dollars for the
foundation over the last three years and is looking to raise that total with a goal of $4000 this year.
Last year the money raised went to buying 3 complete gaming setups (Games console, GAEM
Vanguard and games) for small country hospitals, allowing them to provide entertainment for their
pediatric wards and community health programs.

To encourage people to donate this year, Player 2 has organised a massive major prize of an Xbox
Series X, 12 Months of Gamepass Ultimate and a host of games and merchandise for one lucky winner.
Every $5 donated gets an entry in this massive draw. To go with this, there will be hourly prizes, lucky
draws and a whole host of fun as the Player 2 team plays one game every hour for 24 hours.

“I wasn’t actually going to run the event this year” Said Player 2 Editor and Terry Campese Foundation
Board Member Matt Hewson “Simply because I didn’t want to run the concept into the ground. We
were actually looking at trying something different, but with COVID coming along and spoiling a lot of
the foundation’s fundraising activities I felt I had to get the band back together and once again fight
my need for a good night’s sleep”

This year all funds raised are going to help the Queanbeyan Sleep Bus Initiative. This is a bus that has
been fitted out to provide emergency housing for those that find themselves in need of a place to
stay. The Sleep Buss exists for victims of abuse, teens that have been kicked out of home and those
that find themselves in need of safe shelter for the night. This project is filling a desperate need in the
Queanbeyan, Bungadore and Braidwood areas and is something that the Foundation is proud to be

The event starts at 8am AEST on the 21st of November and will run through to 8am on the 22nd. The
entire event will be broadcast on the Player 2 Twitch Channel ( and
further information can be found on the Player 2 Website ( The Player 2 crew
hopes you will join them on the day and help them achieve their goal of $4000 raised for this great

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