2021 Time to Start Fresh


Yeah I am a bit late but I've been enjoying time with family and friends and after a exceedingly difficult 2020 I needed it. 
2020 was a hard year for everyone so let's leave all the crap and controversy there and start off fresh and on the right foot. 

First off. The Aussie Gamers Experience Podcast is returning!! Though at the moment it will be some time mid February. Myself and Greg have young ones starting early in their school lives and Lucas' not so little one is off to high school so some time around the start of the school year is the focus for now. 

Greg, Lucas and myself will be back at the helm though I am working through some ideas for changes at the moment and going over some things with the boys later this month. 
The website is still here as you can see but I am also working on some new things to spice up how we release the news we get and the frequency, more on that later as I have a lot to learn before I can get what I want to do done efficiently. 

Our YouTube channel is there doing it's thing and I want to push that a bit more this year so be ready to see more content flowing through but of course, your input is always invaluable. 
Be sure if you haven't already to get over there and hit that sub button! 

So yeah, that is it! 2021 has kicked off, I have a new console to play with, new games to try. This year is more about fun and some new styles of content to fit in with our ever changing lives. 

Pat (Snoogs)

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