The Next Evolution of Gameplay

Wow, The nostalgia is hard with this one! 
I missed on the whole Digimon phenomenon but given my kids are getting excited about these I am all for it. 
Digimon is making a comeback in some of it's original form. 
Check out the details below and get ready for the trip down memory lane!

Pat (Snoogs) 

Bandai Namco Entertainment ANZ is thrilled to launch Digimon X! After pent up fan-demand, consumers can finally get their hands on the newest digivice. This is more than just a virtual pet, it's the next evolution in gameplay.

Based on the Original Digivice that started it all, this new device is back and equipped with tons of new features and evolutions that come in a variety of different colours. Users can now hatch, raise, feed, and train their digital monster for the ultimate monster match, a showdown between one Digimon and another! These devices connect to each other (and previous versions) to allow users to compete with whoever challenges! The Digimon X has a variety of new features like the Random Attack Generator, New Quest mode, Digimon facial expressions and so much more! Brace yourself for hours of fun and tons of Digimon to battle with!
Fans can be first to order Digimon X with pre-sales launching online this week, with product hitting store shelves in August 2021.
"We're so excited to bring this new device to market!" said Cisco Maldonado, Senior Director – Brand Strategy, Bandai America. "Fans of Digimon have been asking for Digimon X (quite vigorously- I may add) for a while and I'm pleased we are able to make it happen."

Digimon X Features:

New Colours: (black & red, white & blue, purple & red, and green & blue)
Over 100 new evolutions of Digimon to train and battle
o new abilities, more variety
o longer playtime
Devices can connect & battle
o Devices are also compatible with earlier versions of Digimon
Random Attack Generator
New Quest mode with new ways to level up your Digimon
Digimon Facial Expressions

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