PAX EAST Showcase - Developer Spotlight - 101XP

This spotlight is all about developer 101XP a team with over 11 years experience in the gaming industry having published over 50 titles on PC and Mobile platforms. From Redneck Ed a 2D Hand Drawn arena fighter to For The People a political sim / visual novel and The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante a text based RPG 101XP has a varied catalogue and some good upcoming titles. 
Below we have two upcoming titles I am personally excited about but also am intrigued by another upcoming title Frequency: Chernobyl 

Upcoming Games.

The Darkest Tales

Welcome to the far side of “happily ever after”! Learn about the Little Red Riding Hood’s new dietary habits and witness what Pinocchio grew up to be... Will you lend a hand to an armed-to-the-teeth teddy bear on an important mission? He can't quite stitch it all up without you!

The Darkest Tales actually has me a little excited I must say and that probably speaks volumes to my twisted sense of humour more than anything else. I hope to provide more info as release date gets closer so keep an eye for it.
For the moment, use the LINK below to try the demo for FREE on Steam and add it to your wish lists!

Blind Fate: Edo no Yami

Walk the dark path of a blind cyber samurai in this action-packed side-scroller filled with mechanized creatures from Japanese folktales. Together with Yami, embark on a journey of revenge to face the dangers of the futuristic period of New Edo, discover the forgotten past, then unveil its lost secrets and lore.

Another cool looking neon cyberpunk looking title to go with the current trend but infused with a touch of Japanese folklore. 
Again no firm date for this one but it is on my wish list so use the LINK below to try out the FREE demo and add it to yours. 

Written: Patrick Clifford (Snoogs) 

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