Playstation State of Play February: Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7 State of Play Special.

Today  we got a half hour look at some new footage for the upcoming Gran Turismo 7 releasing March on the PS5 and PS4.   
Below are some of the new features as well as some returning favourites. 

Music Rally
Hop into a Porsche Carrera Speedster ‘56 and race through the Music Rally. On the surface, it’s an arcade-style race where players will enjoy some motivating, up-tempo tunes while trying to reach checkpoints before time runs out. 

Purchasing a car
The World Map is players’ home base in the resort-themed world of GT7. The first task to complete is using some provided in-game credits to purchase a used car.

This comfy locale offers players “Menu Books” of activities to complete for new cars and other game-progression goodies. 

License Center
Unlock the License Center, featuring rigorous driving tests known to GT veterans all over the world. 

With a handful of cars now in players’ garage and new skills at their command, a Cafe menu will direct players to the newly opened Tuning Shop. This place is loaded with parts of all shapes and sizes, with even more to be unlocked. 

The footage that we saw looks absolutely amazing. Cars are photorealistic and the best I have seen in a game to date, but that was always the case with each iteration that was released. 

I have taken a bit of time to process what we saw and here are some points....
  • Cars insanely detailed inside and out. 
  • Feedback through DualSense controller will be second to non. Concerned about battery life though.
  • Tracks look similarly detailed to the cars in replay mode anyway, I am not sold on the actual gameplay, they looked very similar to GT Sport and the lighting was different. 
  • The Cafe is a cool addition.
  • I still hate the licenses but that is because I will spend way to much time on them.
  • Tuning and modifying look insane
  • The weather system looks insane
  • And the way they have implemented real world data into the way a day and weather progresses for each track is brilliant. Though anyone that has watched a race at Mt Panorama knows the back ground process there is just spinning a weather wheel....
GT7 is definitely looking the goods and sounding the goods. 

Check it out in the full video below.

With just over a month to go let us know if you're pre-ordering it and be sure to keep it locked here for more info!!

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