Camp Canyonwood Early Access Launch This Summer

Players can plan to pack up all of their camp gear and strive to become the best camp counselor ever when the summer-camp simulator Camp Canyonwood from publisher Graffiti Games and developer Deli Interactive launches into Early Access later this year. As announced during this week’s MIX Showcase event, Camp Canyonwood will be available in Steam Early Access this summer.
Prepare for summer camp with this new trailer: 

Welcome to Camp Canyonwood! Here, players will build and manage the summer camp of their dreams. In this life sim all about enjoying the great outdoors and creating warm and fuzzy childhood memories, players will take on the role of the new head counselor with the all-important job to breathe fresh life into this old campground. Sounds easy enough...right? Great, because the Campers are here, and they're hungry for some summer fun. Their enjoyment, their education, and most importantly, their safety lies in the players capable hands. Good luck and remember to be prepared for anything! No excuses!
Major Features Include: 
Live the Camp Life - Hike, fish, bug catch and more in a scenic Utah-inspired wilderness.
Guide Your Troop - Lead troops of campers each summer in pursuit of Merit Badges. The more they learn, the more you earn.
Camper Personalities - No two campers are the same. Each have their own unique personalities and quirks. Learn their needs to better reach and teach them!
Build Your Dream Camp - Gather materials and funds to improve your camp each summer, designing it as you see fit.
Beware of Dangers - Camping isn't always easy. Protect your campers from dangers both natural and supernatural.
"We’re excited to launch Camp Canyonwood into Early Access, which will help us create an unforgettable experience for players,” said Nick Lives, Co-Founder of Deli Interactive. “We saw the benefits of Early Access with our game We Need to Go Deeper, and we look forward to the receiving valuable feedback from the community to help shape Camp Canyonwood.”

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