ROCCAT's Kone XP PC Gaming Mouse Supports NVIDIA

Reflex Analyzer for Improved Responsiveness, Enhanced Aiming Precision,

and More Accurate Location of Opponents – Available for Pre-Order Now

We have a lot of info to go through in the below release from ROCCAT so let's break it down.  Be sure to read through for the full details but my take away is the new KONE XP PC Gaming mouse uses reflex technology found in NVIDIA graphics cards to measure the time from click of button to muzzle flash. It then adjusts the timing as required to have that instantaneous response removing any lag. So no more excuses when playing COD!! 
Like I said, check out the full details below for a much better description of what is going on. 

Pat (Snoogs) 

ROCCAT, Turtle Beach Corporation’s award-winning PC gaming peripherals brand, announced its eagerly anticipated Kone XP PC gaming mouse is among a select list of products supporting the NVIDIA Reflex Analyzer. ROCCAT’s first-ever product, the original Kone launched in 2007 and became a best-selling PC gaming mouse thanks to its superior ergonomics. Kone XP is ROCCAT’s latest mouse featuring the brand’s iconic Kone shape. It debuts ground-breaking 3D RGB lighting, while top performance features like its Owl-Eye 19K DPI optical sensor and ridiculously fast Titan Optical Switches set the Kone XP among an exclusive collection of Reflex-compatible products.

NVIDIA Reflex is a revolutionary suite of technologies that optimise and measure system latency for the ultimate competitive advantage, so PC gamers can start every match with the confidence that their system is operating at the lowest possible latency. Kone XP is a multipurpose mouse for gamers who play a variety of PC titles across different genres. 15 buttons and 29 assignable functions make Kone XP one of the most customisable PC gaming mice available.
“Kone XP is the next step in our 15-year evolution of ROCCAT’s famed Kone design, as we continue expanding our line-up of mice that meet the stringent needs of serious PC gamers,” said René Korte, ROCCAT Founder and General Manager for PC Peripherals at Turtle Beach. “We are pleased to see Kone XP join our Kone Pro, Kone Pro Air, and Burst Pro mice on this esteemed list of performance products that support NVIDIA Reflex technology.”
“It is a very exciting time at ROCCAT. Not only are we just a short while away from launching Kone XP – the successor to our best-selling Kone AIMO Remastered and the latest iteration of our original mouse design that started it all, but we have more new products on the horizon. ROCCAT has come a long way since the original Kone and I’m looking forward to our fans and PC gamers experiencing the comfort and all-around utility of the new Kone XP, as well as everything else we have lined up for the year.”
NVIDIA G-SYNC displays with Reflex have the world’s first and only system latency analyser that detects clicks coming from gaming mice and measures the time for the resulting pixels (weapon muzzle flash) to change on screen. When using ROCCAT’s Kone XP mice in conjunction with an NVIDIA G-SYNC display with Reflex, gamers can measure and improve full peripheral and end-to-end system latency.
Fans of the Kone AIMO Remastered, along with PC gamers who play a variety of games across different genres, will love the Kone XP’s multi-button design combined with the refined ergonomics, reduced weight, and overall comfort of ROCCAT’s iconic Kone shape. ROCCAT is also once again redefining RGB lighting with the Kone XP’s impressive 22 LED lights and transparent shell and AIMO lighting, and through the revolutionary Krystal 4D Wheel that diffuses the RGB lighting though its smoky transparent design. The Kone XP has more buttons than any other mouse in this price range. It features 15 buttons, and thanks to ROCCAT’s Easy-Shift[+]™ technology there are 29 possible button functions – ideal for strategy games and MMOs. ROCCAT’s Titan Optical Switch is faster than any mechanical switch and has twice the durability, clocking-in at a blistering 0.2ms actuation speed for up to 70 million clicks while offering adjustable debounce timing which is key for drag-clicking. With the Kone XP PC gamers can expect nothing but crisp, responsive execution with zero mis-clicks.
Don’t lag… pre-order Kone XP now at and participating Australian retailers for $149.95 RRP, and is due to release locally on 22nd April, 2022.

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