HyperX Cloud Alpha Wired Gaming Headset

The HyperX Cloud Alpha headset boasts Dual Chamber drivers for more distinction and less distortion of sound. Their signature comfort, compatibility across just about everything, a durable light weight frame and something that is a bonus for me, removable cable with inline controls and removable microphone.

First impressions out of the box were these are light weight yet a strong and well-made headset befitting the price point in the market. The band and forks are metal with solid joints to the thickly padded ear cups. The overall design feels a little small for those of us with bigger heads yet the pull-out adjusters give enough movement for it to still feel comfortable when on. Time will tell if my head size hurts them at all. The way in which the cable runs to the ear cup is a little concerning as it looks a little flimsy yet after testing it works and takes some of the pressure off those connections which I have had troubles with other headsets breaking.


I have been testing it out over the last couple of days on the PS5, Xbox and PC for gaming and some movies along with online meetings via discord and zoom. The Hyper X Cloud Alpha is one of the most comfortable headsets I have used in some time. They are lightweight and have a good seal to stop outside noise leaking in. My wife was not a fan of this feature but works well for me….

Sound quality is well balanced across the range. I played a lot of Returnal with the headset on where as I usually only have the TV speakers to go by. Deep sounds are booming without rattling your head and leave crisply without distortion. Alternatively, you can hear those mid-range levels well, generally where footsteps reside so can hear things sneaking up behind you. Even with the mayhem of Shadow Warrior 3 on PC where there is so much going on there was good definition without the sounds blending together.

Switching it over to music or work use voices are crisp and clear without the need for it to be turned up overly loud. The microphone is more than sufficient, it tries its best to cut out back ground noise but a loud car or kids yelling in the background get picked up reasonably easy.


I hear what you’re asking. Is the HyperX Cloud Alpha worth it for you? In a word. Yes. HyperX have once again shown that they make a good product with a good technical range and build quality. I still hold concerns for the size and possibility of them stretching and breaking over time but that is a me and fellow big headers problem. One thing to note, if you play in a warmer area or are looking to use outdoors the ear cups don’t offer a lot of air flow which helps to seal in the gaming sounds and seal out the outside world, but after longer sessions they can get a little warm.

The dual chamber drivers certainly live up to their claim of more distinction and less distortion, even when you crank the volumes up.

The HyperX Cloud Alpha headset is available now, do your research and you’ll probably pick up a decent deal on them too.   

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