Samsung brings their M8 to Australia

Check out this aptly named smart TV from Samsung. It's called the Smart Monitor M8 and it's now made its way onto store shelves in Australia. TLDR, it's basically an all-in-one smart monitor that allows you to browse the internet, read emails and use office programs, all without anything like a computer connected to it.

Who wants this? I'd say it would fit in well with all of those people who have kept on with their working from home thing after COVID, but are sick to death of staring at a tiny laptop screen and want to get something better, without forking out for a PC that will just take up must needed desk real estate when working from home.

I haven't used one of these things as yet, but I definitely feel it has a place in the market and would be useful for quite a few different people in different walks of life.

Anyway, check out the press release below for all the juicy bits and pieces on the Smart Monitor M8 and check the links to find even more details on this bit of tech.


Samsung Electronics Australia partners with globally recognised creative and design festival, Semi Permanent, for launch activation of the Smart Monitor M8

  • Work, watch and live-in style now with Samsung’s Smart Monitor M8 for AU$1199 RRP
  • Accumulative sales for Samsung’s Smart Monitor series surpass 1 million globally
  • Visit Samsung at Semi Permanent in Sydney, 25-27th May

As Samsung’s Smart Monitor M8 arrives in stores across Australia this week, Samsung Electronics is proud to announce its partnership with the celebrated creative and design festival, Semi Permanent. Returning to its hometown of Sydney from 25-27th May, Semi Permanent visitors will be welcomed by Samsung to experience the Smart Monitor M8 in an experiential habitat, curated by New York based furniture and fashion designer, Jonathan Saunders. Saunders curation naturally demonstrates how Samsung’s Smart Monitor M8 vision seamlessly enables you to work, watch and live, in style.

Accumulative sales of Samsung’s Smart Monitor series have surpassed one million devices globally. On the back of this trend in popularity, Samsung has enhanced its lineup of premium Smart Monitors which captures 11 models, including the M8, M7 and M5 in various screen sizes and colours.

Samsung’s most recent Smart Monitor addition, the M8, has received global recognition for its iconic slim and clean design, so the era of dull and lifeless desks, is officially over. As people spend more time at home, Samsung has answered the need for home office personalisation and customization with the ability to switch off once work is done and become a Smart TV for entertainment.

The Smart Monitor M8 handles all your work-related tasks without needing a separate PC or laptop, allowing you to create a neat and clean ‘deskterior’. The Smart Monitor M8 allows you to search the Internet, check email and access Microsoft 3651 simply by connecting to Wi-Fi. Conveniently, you can continue your work by logging into your account and uploading files directly to the cloud. The most notable advantage of the Smart Monitor M8 is that you can access your work desktop remotely and remain as agile and productive as you were in the office. It also comes equipped with a SlimFit camera with tilt functionality to create the perfect angle while using different video call apps like Google Duo, which can be accessed directly through the monitor.

For those not content with just a beautifully designed, highly specked, traditional monitor, the Smart Monitor M8 also allows its user to switch over to a Smart TV experience, in 4K UHD Resolution with HDR10+. Complete with remote control and built-in speakers, M8 owners can enjoy a variety of streaming services2, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ and Apple TV via Wi-Fi without having to connect to a PC or TV.

The Smart Monitor M8 has an IoT hub called SmartThings Hub that allows users to wirelessly connect all their IoT devices. The SmartThings app makes it easy to track IoT devices throughout the home with the app’s intuitive dashboard, which highlights all the information provided by other devices connected to the M8, including light switches and plugs3.

Samsung’s Senior Director of Display, Brand and Memory, Phil Gaut says “Samsung’s excited to showcase the new Smart Monitor M8 at Semi Permanent. With flexible work and hybrid lifestyles leading our everyday, more of us are looking for ways to get the most of our spaces within the home and we look forward to interacting with attendees to inspire how they can best work from home.

“We are designing rooms to be more functional for our needs and this has made way for new innovative technology. What makes Samsung’s Smart Monitor M8 so special is that it can seamlessly switch from a smart TV to a monitor, in seconds! From streaming your favourite content to hosting a video call, it’s clear this monitor is more than meets the eye.

“In a new ultra-slim flat design in a warm white colour, dedicated wireless camera and built-in video communication apps Samsung’s Smart Monitor offers all the features for clean and modern desk set-up. Featuring HDR10+, the latest 4K processor, 400 nit brightness and 99 per cent RGB it offers a premium viewing experience, and with access to popular streaming services such as Netflix and YouTube, it’s the ideal companion for work and play.” Concludes Gaut.

The Smart Monitor M8’s next-level connectivity with your mobile device can help you watch your favourite content on a bigger screen. Simply connect your smartphone to the Smart Monitor by using Tap View or Screen Mirroring. With a single click, you can be transported instantly to another country or your favourite singer’s concert, all thanks to the monitor’s large screen and rich picture quality. Samsung DeX also enables multitasking and transforms your smartphone into a touchpad. Using two screens at once, you can take an online drawing class or watch videos of your favourite music group on a larger display while still using your compatible phone as a phone.

The Smart Monitor series also boasts Apple AirPlay2 integration, which allows users to easily enjoy movies, music and photos saved on their smartphones or laptops on the big screen.

It’s the seamless integration of the Smart Monitor M8 that enhances hybrid lifestyles, that naturally connects with the Semi Permanent festival and its audience. New York-based Scottish designer, Jonathan Saunders, known for his unique use of colour, pattern and modernist design, epitomises this new way of life following his career path and pivotal approach to his passions.

“Semi Permanent is all about connecting and inspiring the creative community with best-in-class leaders in the field, and so it makes complete sense for the festival to partner with Samsung to launch the Smart Monitor M8. The way in which we all work, watch and live has evolved dramatically over the past two years, and with that, so too have our technology needs. The Smart Monitor M8 is a fantastic piece of superior technology, that delivers by servicing the multiple needs of today’s world and it’s also visually appealing thanks to the modern design,” said Jonathan Saunders.

Jonathan continued: “As a designer, who lives and breathes hybrid living, I see this as a really interesting opportunity and I’m looking forward to collaborating with Samsung, and the team at Semi Permanent, by curating the space to showcase an example of how the Smart Monitor M8 can enhance your home, through a mid-century style from my own creative lens.”

Samsung’s Smart Monitor M8 is available now in stores across Australia in the calming and comfortable colour, Warm White, with a recommended retail price of $1119 AUD. For those that order on by 22nd May 2022, are eligible to redeem a bonus pair of Galaxy Buds.

For more information on the Smart Monitor range and the extended suite of Samsung products, please visit the Samsung Electronics Australia website.  

For more information on Semi Permanent and to purchase tickets, please visit:


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