EVERSPACE 2 is Out Now on PC

Here's a space shooter mixed with some RPG-style progression. If you're a fan of all things sci-fi and want to lose yourself in a massive hand-crafted world with a whole bunch of hidden gear, puzzles and space dog fights then maybe check this one out. Here's some official information below:

EVERSPACE 2 puts players in the pilot seat as Adam, a clone pilot seeking fortune to buy his freedom away from the conflicts of the Demilitarized Zone of Cluster 34. On this journey vicious encounters and brutal challenges stand between players and the next epic loot drop. An exciting sci-fi adventure set through war-torn star systems awaits, featuring massive handcrafted areas packed with secrets, puzzles, and perils. Dangers await in every corner of the universe—pilots must level up, craft, and loot better gear to survive on the edge of space.

In addition to the five sprawling star systems introduced during Early Access, space fans will finally be able to explore Khione, the sixth star system of EVERSPACE 2 along with the final chapter of the campaign featuring massive space battles with epic, cinematic moments, and a thrilling final boss fight, taking the challenge to a whole new level. Space pilots will come across new tier 4 playerships, gameplay mechanics and side content in the new star system as well as new legendary loot dropping from certain side missions and the Ancient Rifts endgame activities. Furthermore, v1.0 adds many quality of life improvements, dedicated commodity trading features, more ship customization options, a new set of player perks, as well as a Nightmare difficulty unlocked after completing the campaign on any difficulty level.

“I am incredibly proud of the team at ROCKFISH. They’ve put heart and soul into this project over the years and it shows. From the super responsive controls and excellent combat design, the deep RPG mechanics and fantastic storytelling, to the huge handcrafted orbital and planetary areas as well as vast underground complexes, it’s easy to see just how much passion and dedication went into the craft of this game,” says ROCKFISH Games CEO Michael Schade. “It was no exaggeration that EVERSPACE 2 has been, by far, the most ambitious project anyone on our team has ever undertaken, and I’m excited that the journey isn’t over—we’ve got more stories to tell in the EVERSPACE universe—but now it’s all about delivering the final chapter and the ultimate experience in EVERSPACE 2.”

After six massive content updates over the course of more than two years of Early Access development, EVERSPACE 2 launches with an exciting 30-hour single player campaign plus many more hours of additional side missions, jobs, distress calls, location challenges, puzzles and other activities. In total, the game features over four hours of dialogue and two hours of cinematics and cutscenes, fully voiced in English and German. Furthermore, the game is currently localized in thirteen languages including English, Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian Simplified and Traditional Chinese, and Spanish.

At PC launch, EVERSPACE 2 is supported on Windows and Steam Deck. Support for Linux and MacOS as well as additional optimization for Steam Deck is planned to be implemented after launch. While the team works to improve performance on Linux, EVERSPACE 2 can be played via Proton. Release on latest-generation Xbox and PlayStation consoles is planned for Summer-2023. A digital soundtrack and artbook will be available for purchase later this year.

ROCKFISH Games’ EVERSPACE 2 journey is not yet over. In addition to bringing the game to console, a major free update is planned for later this year adding new features, more ship customization options, and additional voiced language support. The ROCKFISH Games team has also begun development on the game’s first major paid expansion which will continue the EVERSPACE 2 adventure with new story and gameplay features, scheduled for mid-2024. 

EVERSPACE 2 Feature List:

  • 30+ hours of main campaign story, fully voiced in English and German
  • 90+ total hours of exploration including side missions, puzzles, secrets, and location challenges
  • 6 semi-open star systems to explore
  • 100+ Unique, hand-crafted locations
  • 9 player ship subclasses featuring 4 tiers, each class with their own perks and ultimate abilities
  • 7 different factions to encounter, each with multiple distinctive enemy ship and defensive unit types with their own abilities
  • 7 companions to recruit, each with their own set of upgradable perks
  • A massive array of customization options for each ship, plus unlockable transmogging
  • Collectable blueprints unlocking crafting and dismantling options
  • Hundreds of different equipable weapon and gear types
  • Ancient Rifts endgame content where players push their luck against increasingly difficult waves of enemies to unlock powerful legendary weapons and gear, each with a unique property
  • A wide variety of radiant faction jobs that unlock valuable reputation bonuses
  • Fully customizable PC HOTAS/HOSAS controller support

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