Street Fighter 6 Early Preview

Thanks to the good people over at Capcom and Turn Left earlier this week we got an early look at Street Fighter 6. We also go to meet two of the team from Capcom, Director Mr. Nakayamo Takayuki and Producer Mr. Matsumoto Shuhei. We got an early look at some of the new features and details about the open world section of Street Fighter 6 that I for one was interested in knowing more about.

Street Fighter 6 has a full roster of characters for you to play in the classic arcade mode, either against your friends or against the CPU as always. We all know about beating each other to a pulp in the classic modes so let’s jump into some of the new features.

Controlling your characters has had a tweak to help with accessibility. If you’re a hard-core player that knows the move sets and has the timing right, you’ll feel right at home with the classic control setup. If you’re like me and need a little help, then the new Modern control setup will be a welcome relief with the ability to use special moves with the push of a single button helping to keep your focus on screen and immersed in the action. This adds to the spectacle and feel of pulling off a special move, something I desperately need help with.

Lastly, we have the new Dynamic control. This is designed for the brand-new players of the not overly interested players. Touted as “even Grandma can enjoy SF6 now” Dynamic mode uses AI assume what you are trying to do in response to the opponent on screen. We were shown it can literally be controlled by repeatedly pressing one button over and over again. Button mashing has a new meaning and the family laugh time as nan wipes the floor with the grand kids just got a whole lot better.

The new World Tour mode is what really piqued my interest.

Build a character, make them look like whatever you want and send them off to become the next great Street Fighter. The world is full of characters and easter eggs from past Street Fighter titles for you to find, and by the way, you can pick a fight with anyone on the street. If you bite off more than you can chew there is a run-away option too so that is a bonus.

Throughout the world you will meet the Street Fighter Master Fighters. Meeting these masters gives you the opportunity to join them as a student and learn their signature moves building your fighter into a weapon featuring all your favourites. Imagine starting with Blanca’s electricity, flowing into the Chun Li helicopter kick and finishing off with the legendary hadoukin!

You also have the option to bring presents that you find throughout the world back to your masters increasing your relationship with them, this has its own set of perks which I’ll leave for you to unlock.

Lastly we have the online Battle Hub. This is a full interactive social area filled with 100 players the world over. On top of the online matches that can be set up we have a DJ booth for you to spin up some tunes, a photo op area where you can pose till your hearts content and a retro gaming area where you can sit down and play old titles from Capcoms past and even cheers on players that are already playing. While I doubt I will ever play a match against a real opponent here I am keen to give the area a try just to be immersed in what is going on.

This is really just a taste of the new features coming to Street Fighter 6 and I have left some of them out to give you something to find on release day. Street Fighter 6 is shaping up to be the most accessible fighting game to date and shows promise of a great story line. Its interesting take on the open world will be one to explore and there is plenty there for new and old fans alike to dive right into the Street Fighter lore.

Again, thanks to the Turn Left and Capcom team for the invite. It was amazing to not only meet the gents from Capcom but to experience their joy as they showed off their hard work and laughed along with us.   

Street Fighter 6 is coming to everything Friday 2nd of June! Keep an eye out here as I will hopefully be showing off some more of these features on stream and on the AGExp Show. 

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