Lords of the Fallen is getting close!

With only a couple of days till release Lords of the Fallen, HEXWORKS, a CI Games Studio, has revealed the Official Launch trailer for Lords of the Fallen, a two-minute-long harbinger of the action-RPG’s highly anticipated release this Friday (13th October) on PlayStation®5 and Xbox Series X.

Set in the vast and interconnected land of Mournstead, Lords of the Fallen follows one of the fabled Lamp-bearers as they embark on an epic quest to stop the impending return of the demon god, Adyr. This trailer coincides with the final few days’ availability for would-be Dark Crusaders to pre-order Lords of the Fallen on their platform of choice.

Humanity’s final hope against Adyr and his hordes will traverse between the parallel worlds of the living (Axiom) and dead (Umbral) through the use of a mysterious and otherworldly lamp, overcome colossal and nightmarish monstrosities in both planes of existence, and can – when needed – work with another Crusader through the game’s seamless, uninterrupted co-op.

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