Thumb Drift

It's taken me longer than I'd hoped to get a play through on this game but OMG was it worth the wait!!

In case you haven't yet heard of it, Thumb Drift is a mobile platform unending drifter game by SMG Studios. Since its release in Feb it has been rated nearly perfect scoring a huge 4.5/5 stars and received 1 Million downloads within the first week! And it's easy to see why.

Presented as a casual game for the car mad it will start you out loving it's unique sense of comedy with crash test dummies and obliterated car pieces flying apart, and take you to a place of feeling like a true Drift King.
The gameplay is simple, requiring only your thumb to steer the car left and right around every corner. But the skill comes in learning how each corner moves and should be attacked. While there are set tracks you do not start at the same point every time and the rewards (coins floating along the track) change their position, so the need to understand your car and how to drive it to its strengths becomes more important as you progress.
 The other thing that is so smart about this game is the gradual accumulation of speed. You'll start each drive slowly but the further you get and the greater your power slides and drifts the faster you will go, and this makes the game thoroughly exciting and addictive. Let me tell you, successfully missing those walls by mere inches while driving at breakneck speed is exhilarating- just be careful not to get too cocky about it ;)

Rewards, as stated above, come presented as coins which you will accumulate to purchase new cars. But you will also be given distance readings, XP accumulation (which levels up your cars and unlocks new tracks) and a constant record or your high score to keep you moving forward. You are also given missions along the way which test your skills and improve you consistently. For completing these missions you are generously rewarded in a financial sense.

While this can all lead to a highly competitive outcome the game never takes itself too seriously. For example- drifting tanks...and crash test dummies looking much happier than they should....

Thumb Drift is a game well worth a look and will often have you teetering between your mixed emotions- laughing at your epic crashes at one moment and face palming as you miss your objective by that much...!

You can find Thumb Drift on Android and Apple devices at your relevant app stores.


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