Episode 218 - Playstation is Failing

The Aussie Gamers Express Video Game Podcast is hosted by Lucas and Patrick who are both hard working parents who decided to never grow too old for gaming. When they're not spending time with parental and adult duties, they're either playing video games or creating video game related content for the Aussie Gamers Express community. They're Aussies with one goal in mind and that is to have as much fun as possible with like minded people.

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Video Game Discussion
After the opening of the show, each week the hosts Lucas and Red will go through discussing the video games that they have played since the last episode of the podcast. This will include video games that they have been playing on an ongoing basis as well as brand new games as they release. Also included in this segment Lucas and Red will give detailed reviews of what they have been playing and everything that they have encountered for the week that has some form of relation to video games.

Video Game News
As the name suggests, this segment of the show will show case three of the largest news items that have been running rampant around the internet and the video game industry. From time to time there will be updates on previously mentioned news items to keep you as informed as much as possible.

What's that Sound?
This is the longest running segment of the Aussie Gamers Express podcast. This segment is a bit of a game that all listeners can play along with. Listen to the sound that is played and see if you can guess what game that sound comes from and for extra points, see if you can pin point where it comes from in the game. Each week this segment starts off with a recap of the previous week where the answer is given for those that were unable to get the answer, then a new sound is given for the week. If you're on the ball and have the correct answer, you can win yourself a free game by sending your answer to the Aussie Gamers Express Facebook page before the answer is announced in the next show.

What If?
What If is a new segment for 2018 where Grejio and Remutha will present a question of "What if" with a different tag line for each time the segment is run. For example, "What if you could recreate any old game in a new engine, what would you choose?" This segment is a "The Sky's the Limit" style segment where we will look into our deepest desires and use our imagination to discuss what if we had our way in gaming.

Love Handles
This new 2018 segment is a laugh and a half. Initially meant for us to search the internet for interesting and intelligent gamertags or usernames, we kind of just went out and found funny and ridiculous usernames that made us laugh. Generally they involved vulgar humour. It's funny, we can't deny this.

Project What Would You Rather?
Each time this segment is run, we are given a one or the other style choice where we discuss what we would rather in gaming. For example, "What would you rather? Stealth combat or guns blazing in your face combat.

Gaming Disorder
This new 2018 segment is where the hosts will be presented with a list of video game topics or objects where the players have to put them in order of either chronology, or size, or something similar. It's hard, but it's a good challenge.

Mental Machine Gun
This game is hard. It's new for 2018 and the players have to list to the best of their abilities as many video game related things that relate to the subject question. For example, list as many characters from The Last of Us. It's not as easy as it sounds, as those that aren't on the quizmasters list, don't count.

Hall of Fame
Yet another new segment for 2018, Hall of Fame is a growing list of the games that we choose (with the help of the community) that deserve to be entered into the AGE Hall of Fame. A list of the games that have been entered are below.
  1. Street Fighter 2 - Episode 203
  2. Super Mario Bros. Episode 206
Last Words
This is where we begin to wind the show down by covering off on some things that just didn't make it into the previous mentioned segments. Maybe it's a news items worthy of a mention that didn't make the cut for news, or maybe it's something we forgot to mention. 

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24th June 2018

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